Roodkapje SUB

Teilingerstraat 110, 3032 AW Rotterdam, Netherlands

Roodkapje is the communal living-room, project space & underground laboratory for art, music & food. We are located on Delftseplein 39, next to Rotterdam Central Station. +Ultras, to infinity and beyond, is the spirit that moves us further. It represents Roodkapje’s progressive program, lifestyle and inclusive attitude in working with artists, volunteers, audiences and you. And our ever-expanding community: Roodkapje +Ultras. Roodkapje’s motto +Ultras represents art as a dynamic action, manifesting the cross-over of disciplines to connect and promote talent. We dedicate our future towards the + as an open community of ambitious artistic pioneers. Visit our exhibitions, openings, concerts, events and performances. Join our community and shape Rotterdam’s most vibrant platform for contemporary culture. Be +Ultras. Roodkapje is en route towards new horizons, from a central new location, with various new programs. Introducing the era of +Ultras. During which our entire community is gathered together. As Roodkapje, Burgertrut and SUB become one, so will our program(s). Read about Roodkapje here:

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Total number of events: 437